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  • RBI grants in-principal approval for Payment Banks.

  • Online reporting with RBI.

  • Note on clarification issued by MCA.

At MGB, CSR is one of the core strategies in its foundation and it is integral part of our existence. We believe we are responsible to provide equitable and sustainable support to the needy part of the society as well as take measures to safeguard our environment. As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we have set up our own foundation through which we carry out regular projects and activities for the lesser privileged sections of the society. Till date we have carried out various activities in education, health and environment.

We seek to make a positive contribution to the well-being of the environment and the communities we work in, as well as, providing support and development to our employees. Apart from the projects carried out by the Foundation, we approach our CSR through Employee Engagement & Environment Sustainability. Employees are driving force for any organisation. Keeping in this view, we encourage our employees by creating avenues wherein they voluntarily devote their time, skills and knowledge to benefit the needy local communities. Volunteering opportunities includes pro-bono services to educational and extra curriculum support to children, spending qualitative time with elderly people by visiting old age homes.

As a measure towards environment sustainability, we ensure and take measures to minimize carbon footprint. We have introduced various energy saving solutions across our offices at four cities. We encourage our people to reduce their individual carbon footprint by facilitating the electronic cell phones and videoconferencing. We have enforced paper recycling schemes, IT asset disposal process and monitor energy consumption levels across our all offices.

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