Alerts & Updates

  • RBI grants in-principal approval for Payment Banks.

  • Online reporting with RBI.

  • Note on clarification issued by MCA.

What differentiates our firm?

More senior-level involvement

Our staffing mix involves a high degree of partner and senior manager-level involvement in our engagements.

Flexibility and experience

Our experience in working with clients of all sizes and ownership structures allows us to understand a client quickly.


We believe that communication is the key to a successful relationship.Regular communication avoids surprises, keeps projects on track and promotes a healthy relationship.

When evaluating a Professional Service Firm, ask these questions.

Does the firm have the legacy?

  • Does the firm have a proven history of bringing tax-savings and cost containment ideas to its clients?
  • Does the firm have an experience of servicing varied types of clients?
  • Have clients who are associated with the firm stayed as clients till date, irrespective of their growth?
  • Are the firms partners always hassled on client billings to meet their collection targets?
  • Will your clients, customers, constituents, or stakeholders respect the firm?
  • Is the firm active in community and professional organizations?
  • Will the firm be able to be a good referral source?

Can you expect added value from the firm?

  • Can the firm serve you in all states in India and around the world?
  • Does the firm offer efficient and cost effective “one stop” shopping for all the services you need?
  • Does the firm offer you access to experts in accounting standards and tax issues?
  • Does the firm have a mindset that puts clients first?
  • Can the firm promise to staff your projects at a short notice?
  • Does the firm deliver on its promises?
  • Will the firm’s professionals gives you solutions that can work or mere theoretical advices?
  • Can the firm give you a list of references in your industry?

Can you be certain of getting the right attention?

  • Can you pick up the phone and talk to a partner anytime through the engagement?
  • Will a partner take the time to communicate often so that you understand what is going on?
  • When beginning a relationship will the firm invest in understanding your organization without charging you?
  • Will the firm make meaningful suggestions to help improve your business without looking at invoicing you for that every bit?


MGB, through its association of International Network has access to the international knowledge and expertise providing the ability to service our clients anywhere in the world. We have worked with several international clients located in various geographies including:

South East Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, North America.

Diverse Mix of Professionals and Team Work

Employees include Chartered Accountants, MBA's, Executive Accountants, Company Secretaries and Lawyers. We believe in the importance of team work and have an environment where everyone is valued.

Agile and Personalized

We provide Innovative, Personalised and Informed solutions, ensuring that we are a support system and are always ready to go the extra mile to assist you in achieving your Goals!!

Entire Gamut of Service

A comprehensive set of Business Setup Services, Accounting and Compliance Services, Assurance and Risk Consulting services and Transaction Specific Services under one roof.

Global Presence

MGB is a member of network firm internationally and is associated with firms internationally, giving it a global coverage.

Attention and Knowledge

We have earned the trust of clients by giving every problem the utmost senior-level attention; by researching and understanding the facts before drawing conclusions; focusing on Quality and by demonstrating time and again that, it is the people that make all the difference.